Rehabilitation ACC and Return to Work Programmes

When an employee is injured on the job, everyone’s first concern is ensuring they get immediate treatment but a very close second is ensuring the best recovery and rehabilitation. But how much influence do employers have over the recovery? More than you might think.

The Return to Work program involves a proactive approach taken in helping the Person with injuries or diseases, opportunities to safe and productive work activities as soon as it is medically possible or when maximum medical improvement is achieved with a primary focus of minimizing the impact of injuries or disabilities.

For example, implementing a return-to-work program can aid in the recovery process and save money for the employer – all while ensuring that employee keeps their full wages as well. It truly is a win-win when implemented properly. A return-to-work program is simply a formal program that sets the expectations for employees in terms of returning to work after an injury.



  • Risk and injury potential review
  • Managing your health hazard risk
  • Fitness for work & work capacity assessments
  • Stay at work programmes
  • Back to work programmes - managing rehabilitation at work
  • Assessment & Management of gradual process injuries e.g. OOS, back injuries, dermatitis
  • Management of medical and ACC claims