BHS Update on managing Covid-19 in the workplace


Keeping our workforces and workplaces safely moving with current lockdown level. With the recent changes in status in NZ to the COVID level be assured the team at BHS are committed to assisting you maintain the safety and sustainability of your business during these difficult times. We will be constantly accessing the risk of any services we provide to your business to ensure both parties are safe. As an essential service provider, we will continue to provide the following services based on utilising full safe work procedures for COVID. We can help you navigate through all the scenarios for
managing a safe workplace.


Services Available

Pre-employment, Workplace health monitoring with online options, injury prevention, and worksite
assessments, vaccinations


COVID management. Screening for safe work entry includes symptoms and IR thermometer. Managing potential cases and risk to business. Managing vulnerable workers; setting up safe work COVID management & Workplace preparedness & policy/process to report and track infections.


NB Screening using forced expiration device are currently suspended i.e. Spirometry test and forced  air breathalyser. Passive screening i.e. respiratory question, passive breathalyser with further
controls, will be considered.


Quick guide to Key COVID Protection actions in the workplace



We are here to help you so give us a call

Lynda van Dam 027 478 5059

Wendy Spence 021 976 509



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