Fit & Well For Work

Fit and well for work means being at work and performing a job.

Anything that causes a change to this health status – like lost time, injury, absenteeism, and presenteeism if not managed – will affect the employee and the organisation, both short and long term

To effectively and proactively manage health at work is to detect changes, knowing & preventing the risk to health and capacity. BHS has a range of programmes, from wellness to injury management and rehabilitation.

At BHS we recognise the need for a cultural shift from the current reactive approach to a more proactive wellness approach; we also know that wellness and being fit for work can be complex and is often about behaviour, and that effects culture. Providing meaningful programmes for a business and its employees is critical for a positive culture. Surveying to determine workplace health for your people and providing targeted interventions is critical for wellness success.


Reducing health risks and enabling people to be fit for work.

On site wellness programmes covering Biometric testing e.g. cholesterol/glucose testing, blood pressure, BMI  / waist measurement, heart risk assessments, lifestyle risk screening, and individual and personalised assessments

Work / life balance programme – one-on-one or group programmes to help people get on track in practical, down-to-earth ways covering nutrition, exercise and how to enjoy good health.

Specific programmes – fatigue management, shift management and stress management.


Health promotion sessions range from health subjects to lifestyle to ….

Health coaching – helping your staff through health issues.

Work / life balance programme, lifestyle screening, blood tests, surveys.


There are a number of other significant benefits that a healthy workforce can bring. By encouraging and promoting a healthy workforce, you can improve:


Business performance

Staff morale

Employee engagement


You will also be able to reduce:

Accidents and work-related ill health

Sick pay costs

Insurance costs

Pressure on employees covering for those who are absent


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