Workplace Ergonomics

Workplaces and how we do things have changed. The office area, the workspace we work in, is an evolving area.

Business Health Services prioritizes ergonomic risk management through the implementation of practical strategies and comprehensive assessments of work environment, work design and flow, and worker behavior. Capturing the best in ergonomics practices and comfort for all staff is important. Ensuring the ability to move, change position and do activities is both mentally and physically stimulating and essential for doing a good job. Sit less, move more!


Office Workstation Ergonomics:

Business Health Services can provide a quick and efficient service to assist with your workplace ergonomics.

Individual assessments can range from 10-20 minutes in duration depending on whether or not your employee is experiencing discomfort.

Our team has excellent knowledge and experience of how to adjust a large range of chairs, desks, monitors and other office equipment. Small adjustments made during a workstation assessment can greatly improve the comfort of your employee.

Key to our workstation assessment process is teaching staff to use the equipment provided to its best advantage for them, how to move more, including showing a range of great stretches & exercises and micropauses. Handouts provided.

Reporting can be provided as individual reports or collective – whichever best suits your business.

Early Intervention for Discomfort

Business Health Services prides itself on an early response time when discomfort reviews are requested.

Encouraging early reporting of discomfort can prevent your employee’s discomfort from escalating and potentially resulting in time off work and/or an ACC claim.

By supporting your staff with an early intervention process you continue to provide and ensure a safe work environment for your people.

To assist you in this Business Health Services has a discomfort and early reporting system including policy and procedure and an easy to operate process to manage discomfort. This can be run by internally by your staff after training – it’s very simple.

Business Health Services also works with occupational medicine doctors should a referral be required.

Comprehensive reporting is provided for all discomfort reviews.


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