Pre Employment

Health Assessments

With Drug & Alcohol Testing

Pre employment health assessments are about ensuring that there is a safe and healthy match between a person and the job

and to prevent any injury or harm being caused by the job, to the person. BHS programme identifies pre-employment requirements for the intended job, provides the experienced staff to complete the assessment including drug testing if required and provide the certification for fit for work

Pre employment health assessment will:

  • Establish baseline health status and obtain health measurements e.g.  lung function hearing tests
  • Identify any past occupational exposures and any health effects from past exposures
  • Establish pre existing conditions that maybe exacerbated/aggravated by the proposed work and the hazards in the workplace
  • Ensure the  required physical and health capabilities  to perform the job tasks and work safely within the job environment
  • Ensure the safety and health of the person within the workplace

Exit assessments

When staff leave a Company part of the exit process is a health assessment to ensure we have a baseline for any workplace injury and illness, or other effects of the job on the person including any monitoring e.g. hearing, lung tests, occupational blood & urine

Job Transfer

When a person moves from job to another there may be a difference in workplace health effects between the current and intended job


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