Occupational Health

Managing occupational health includes meeting the health monitoring requirements

under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and Health and Safety at Work (General Risk Workplace Management) Regulations 2016 and being a safe and healthy business – it just makes good sense.

The critical points to this are the identification of occupational health hazards and what occupational health management and monitoring is required. BHS will establish a system of hazard risk assessment of workplace hazards (HHRA) and provide your business with a tailored programme so your occupational health is robust, compliant and, most importantly, your workplace is healthier.

The benefits for your business are:

We bring experience, expertise and a systematic approach and have a passionate team to achieve this.
We will come to your site and provide all required screening equipment.

Setting up of the appointment is easy by using our online services, or we can assist you with scheduling.

Full report back process and ongoing data management with a comprehensive report on all results is provided including analysis with any recommendations for further action and to ensure any Worksafe and ACC compliance needs are meet. This report information will also link back to the Hazard Register system including compliance with the Privacy Act and Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

Our services:
Full range of occupational health assessments including specific workplace hazards –e.g. working in heat and cold, out door work, shift work, fatigue management.

Hearing tests
Lung function tests
Vision tests
Musculoskeletal assessments
Occupational questionnaire & current health status
Pre-employment, job transfer and exit occupational health assessments
Physical assessment including blood pressure BMI
Forkhoist driver and warehouse workers assessments
Epworth sleepiness scale
Kessler patient health psychology distress scale (K10)
Fatigue assessment
Chemical screening and health assessments
Biological testing e.g. blood and urine tests
Skin assessments for UV exposure, skin sensitizers and irritants
Second opinions and medical reviews on work/non-work related health conditions
Immunisation programmes, flu vaccine, hep A & B, polio, tetanus
Approved Immunisation programme under the Ministry of Health.

If medical or occupational medical specialist review is required we can arrange for this, including liaising with the person’s GP and other involved health professionals.

Consent for Release of Information
Each person tested is required to sign informed consent to undergo health monitoring and for any release of work related only information to the employer.
This is standard practice, as required by the Health Safety at Work Act 2015, Privacy Act 2020 & Health Information Privacy Code 1994.

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